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Zanzibar is a small archipelago, consisting of Unguja (commonly referred to as Zanzibar), Pemba, and other smaller surrounding islands and other islands. Zanzibar is located on the East African coast.

Beach holiday in Zanzibar Tanzania is famous for its tropical environment, white sand beaches and clear blue water is the beauty of Zanzibar beach holidays. The clear water of the beach in Zanzibar is perfect for diving and snorkeling. Because of the colorful coral reefs.

You can also visit the capital city known as Stone town because of the influence of the Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, and Africans who were exchanging various business special Spices. We are happy and ready to plan and make your unforgettable Beach Holiday in Zanzibar.


For those wanting to combine the thrill of a Big Five safari with the chance to experience Zanzibar’s famous white sand beaches, our selection of safaris from Zanzibar is the perfect option.

We’ll arrange everything from the flights and transfers to your accommodation and game drives, so all you need to do is pack your sunscreen and your safari attire!

  • 7 Days Zanzibar Honeymoon holiday