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1.Balloon safari in* Serengeti and Tarangire.
A balloon safari is one of the best activities to enjoy an aerial view of the park to discover all the small details that you have missed during the game drive. Some animals tend to hide in bushes and thickets in the wild where you can’t see them, that’s why we came up with an alternative way to reach them from above. The balloon flies over the sky early in the morning from 6:00 am or even earlier to let you enjoy the sunrise from the sky. It will fly for 40 minutes to 1 hour. When you land from the balloon, you will enjoy a bush breakfast with a glass of champagne and juice that will flavor your day. This is how Turacin wild safaris management makes sure that you miss nothing in the wild, so take your safari hat now and let us show you the world.
2. Walking safari inside and outside the park.
Walking safari is a local way to explore the wild, as we walk through the elephant’s path(corridor) where we may encounter the most attractive creature and discover the small details that will never be seen on a game drive. Animals’ tracks and signs are easily seen on foot. Sometimes you may encounter some confident species of animals such as giraffes, elephants themselves, and impalas grazing along the pathway. For birders and photographers, this is perfect as they get time to capture animals in close range. Also walking safari allows tourists to go even deeper into the wild learning a lot about the environment, plants, flowers, rocks, landscape, and small insects. Tie your shoelace and let’s walk through the African jungle.
3. Mto wa mbu village tour.
The bustling farming community of Mto Wa Mbu, located between Manyara and Ngorongoro, is home to around 18,000 people. Spend half a day here with a knowledgeable local guide and you’ll discover a side of Tanzania that many visitors miss. Your guide is likely to be from the village itself so you will have an opportunity to see the community through the guide’s eyes. During your visit, you’ll get a good feel for the social side of the village – the farms and the milling machines, the schools, markets, and churches. Tours last around 2–3 hours but are flexible. You may do some (or all!) of the following: You will probably start in the village banana plantation, where the community grows more than 30 different varieties of bananas. As well as finding out how this staple fruit is grown, you’ll hear about the different uses of the plant as a whole, from food to materials for buildings and Art. Swallow your native culture and ware the African culture in a few hours.
4. Maasai cultural tours.
While driving whether from Arusha to Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, or Serengeti national park you can visit some Maasai bomas and gain some experience from these local people, you may also walk around to see their livestock. Also, you can see and buy their jewelry but this is not that compulsory. Being part of this tribe will make your day either before the African safari or after the safari. Take time out of your day to drive and spend a while with Maasai warriors.
5. Empakaai crater day hike.
In the Highlands area of the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area (NCA), there are some great opportunities for breaking up a vehicle-based safari and stretching your legs. The stunning but relatively unknown Empakaai Crater lies some 40km northeast of its famous neighbor, the Ngorongoro Crater.
From the moment you arrive at Empakaai, you will be treated to splendid views of the Empakaai Crater as well as a glimpse of Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania’s most active volcano. Then, accompanied by an experienced guide and an NCA ranger, you’ll begin the 30–45 minute descent into the crater through the thick, mountainous forest. Down on the crater floor, there’s superb birding around the lake, and the chance to see flamingos as well as some big game like buffalo, hyenas, and elephants.
A reasonable level of fitness is required and sturdy shoes are advisable.
6. Night game drive.
This is another exciting experience in the wild, this will take you on a night drive in the wild to partake in what nature has to offer in the darkness. Some animals prefer to come out at night when the inversion layer is cool, this kind of weather allows them to eat and spend enough time out with their family and fellow members. Some carnivores tend to hunt at night and this is perfect for you to see. Leopard comes down from the tree in the twilight to hunt and hyenas do as well. The night game drive has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. Let’s take the spotlight and explore the dark side of the jungle.
7. Biking expedition.
Tanzania has a lot of places to ride and cycle. But cycling seems better experience. Mto wa mbu and Arusha national park tend to be the best spot to do this kind of activity. Cycling is the best way to escape vehicle-based tours in just a day to make your body stretched. They call it biking, we call it an adventure, let’s go cycling.