Ruaha National park

Ruaha National park

Ruaha national park covers an area of about 20,226 square  kilometers making it Tanzania’s largest national park. Ruaha national park derived its name from the indigenous Ruaha River passing within the park streamlined with large numbers of wildlife. It is a great place to visit during your safari to Tanzania
Ruaha national park boasts large herds of elephants, 80 animals species, 10 percent of the world lion population and over 500 bird species, and a lot of plant life the park was established as a game reserve in 1910 and was officially made a national park in 1964, it is also uniquely known for harboring small animals like monitor lizards and poisonous snakes. Over 1,600 plant species have been recorded to be in Ruaha national park.

Wildlife at Ruaha national park
Ruaha national park is endowed with various animals some of which are; elephants, lions, buffalos, African wild dogs, greater and lesser kudu, leopards, lions, cheetah, impala, bushbuck, giraffes, and occasionally sable and roan antelopes. The park has a number of game tracks where tourists can explore this animal the best places for game viewing area in the water area during the dry season.

Bird watching
Ruaha national park boats with over 500 bird species and is truly a birders paradise for bird enthusiasts, the park harbors both migratory and residential birds. The best period for watching bird is during the rainy seasons, some of the birds found at the park are African fish eagle, ashy starling, black-billed bustard, bateleurs, Eleanora’s falcon, emerald spotted wood dove, crested barbet, long-crested eagle, Goliath heron, and white billed go away bird among the rest.

Guided nature walks
Ruaha​national park provides visitors with many walking trails to experience the wilderness on foot; the trails will expose you to a lot of birdlife and plant species as well as animals. This normally lasts for about two to three hours a guided nature walk is also a great opportunity to take many photos of nature and take back home for remembrance.

Night game drives
Night game drives at Ruaha national park are done occasionally and the park’s headquarters must be informed in advance tourists will explore the park with an armed tourist guided as you view nocturnal animals like hyenas and hippos giving you a thrilling lifetime experience of the night whispers in Africa.

The best time to visit the best-kept secret in Tanzania is during the dry season when animals are gathered within the water bodies quenching thirst this period is from June to October when the vegetation is not thick giving you excellent and clear views of the magnificent park.
For those who love birding, the best time to visit the park is in November to April when migratory birds have arrived and the residential birds are breeding. However, the Ruaha national can be visited all year round though roads may be hard to cross during the heavy rains as it gets muddy.
Ruaha national park can be accessed by road from Iringa which is about 130 kilometers squared; there are also chartered domestic flights that operate within the parks airstrips.

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