Mikumi National park

Mikumi National park

Mikumi national park is the country’s fourth-largest national park covering an area of 3,230 kilometers squared, Mikumi national park has panoramic landscapes covered with golden grasslands, hardwood trees, and baobab trees. It is one of those less-visited Tanzania safari parks.

Mikumi National Park was established in 1964, it’s one of Tanzania’s rich gems that don’t receive large numbers of visitors like other parks in the southern circuit. The park provides breathtaking views of panoramic landscapes endowed with adorable alluvial plains dotted with tamarinds, baobabs, acacias, and golden Savannah grasslands, set at the backdrop of the park are the elegant Uluguru and Rubeno mountains.

Mikumi national park was named after a palm tree known as Borassus spp which once grew there but no stem Is seen in the village, Mikumi shares this name with its neighboring village. You should consider visiting it on your next holiday or vacation in Tanzania.

Mikumi national park boasts over 400 bird species and a lot of wildlife. The park is also an educational and research center, the South Western part of Mikumi national park boasts a lot of wildlife but the roads are very remote and not easily accessible. Mikumi national park is also crossed by the country’s A-7 highway.

Activities at Mikumi National Park

Game drives: Mikumi national park south Western area offers a thrilling wilderness experience tourists with two artificial pools inhabited by hippos, animals like giraffes, black antelope, eland, kudu, impala, zebras, elephants, and wildebeests are always a must-see when visiting the park

Bird watching: Birding is one of the main activities at Mikumi national park boasting over 500 species of birds some of these birds are migratory while others are residential birds examples of birds found at Mikumi are Zanzibar red bishop, yellow-throated longclaw, lilac-breasted roller, bateleurs eagle and open billed stork among the rest.

Picnicking: Mikumi national park has got two picnic sites this is one of the best places to stop over and enjoy a packed lunch while on a game drive, these sites are located in Mkata plains and are millennium and Kusungura

Camping: There are two camping grounds the public campsites and private campsites, the campsites in the public sector are named 1,3, and 5 located in vuma hills and Mkata plains. Bathrooms water and toilets are available. The private campsite in vuma area is known as campsite 4.

Guided nature walks: Tourists can take guided nature walks can be done at different walking trails namely; lodge trails, vuma trail, and Kikogoba trail, the best time to do the guided nature walk is early morning and evening this usually takes about 1-3 hours depending on the trail being used.

Though Mikumi national park can be visited throughout the year, the best season is in May to October for more clear views of wildlife.

Mikumi national park is approximately four/five hours drive from Dar es Salaam; tourists can also use charter flights or a railway from Dar-es-salam

There are various accommodation units at Mikumi national park where sleep will vary on the tourist’s budget and choice.

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